“There is no friendship, no love, like that of
the parent for the child.”
~ Henry Ward Beecher

For most of us, the first few weeks, months and years of parenting a child are filled with lots of joy and challenges.  Every decision and action seem to have greater importance, greater consequence than before.  Yet as we prepare and care for our child, we, too, undergo a transformation.  We are now parents.

I am a mother and new parent coach.  I’ve helped over 100 Bay Area parents as they undergo a life-changing transition.  My goal is to complement strengths; providing parents with knowledge, skills, support and encouragement to help them thrive in their new role.

Focus areas

— Solving common challenges related to new baby, e.g., feeding, sleeping,   developmental milestones, adjustment to a sibling
— Strengthening the co-parenting relationship with your spouse
— Navigating the provider landscape, e.g., doctors, lactation consultants, child care providers
— Preparing for work transitions, e.g., returning to work, staying at home
— Nurturing self


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